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sacajawea: Links/Resources

Suggested Sacajawea Resources
The following are ways to learn more about Sacajawea and her tribe:

"The Lewis and Clark Journals: An American Epic of Discovery" tells the story of the expedition in its leaders´ own words. Edited by Gary E. Moulton. University of Nebraska Press; 413 pages. $29.95

"Undaunted Courage," by Stephen Ambrose, is a highly readable account of the Lewis and Clark saga based on the journals and other sources. Touchstone; 521 pages. $16

"The Lemhi: Sacajawea´s People," by Brigham D. Madsen, is a scholarly historical study of Sacajawea´s tribe from 1850 to 1971. The introduction is by the late Merle W. Wells, Idaho historian emeritus. Caxton Press; 214 pages. $11.95

"The Men of the Lewis and Clark Expedition," by Charles G. Clarke, gives capsulized biographies of expedition members. University of Nebraska Press; 351 pages. $16.95

"Tale of Valor", by Vardis Fisher, provides an iconoclastic Idaho author´s imaginative spin on the expedition. A novel, it reads accordingly and is based both on historical evidence and Fisher´s colorful conjecture. Doubleday; 456 pages. The book is no longer in print, but is available at libraries.

"Exploring Lewis and Clark: Reflections on Men and Wilderness," by Thomas Slaughter.
Some historians and native Americans don´t accept the evidence indicating that Sacajawea died as a young woman. Their case is based on what they see as credibility problems with written records and on oral history saying that a woman alleged to have been Sacajawea lived with the Commanches and Wind River Shoshonis and was nearly a century old at the time of her death. Their arguments are presented in "Porivo´s Story," a chapter in Slaughter´s book. Knopf; 256 pages. $24

"The Knife River Indian Villages," by Noelle Sullivan and Nicholas Peterson Vrooman, examines the lifestyles of the Hidatsa and Mandan people. Theodore Roosevelt Nature and History Associaton and Sky House Publishing; 32 pages. $9.95

"Sacagawea Speaks; Beyond the Shining Mountains with Lewis and Clark," is a personalized account of the Sacajawea story by Joyce Badgley Hunsaker. Suitable for adults and older children, it includes photos, drawings, interpretive notes and a timeline. Two-Dot; 151 pages. $27.50

"The Truth About Sacajawea" paraphrases Lewis and Clark´s journal entries and comments on them. Written by Wyoming author Kenneth Thomasma, it includes a foreword by Lemhi Shoshoni Rod Ariwite and illustrations by Boise artist Agnes Vincen Talbot. Recommended for ages 9 through 12. Grandview Publishing Company; 92 pages. $7.99

Marion Tinling´s "Sacagawea´s Son," is a detailed children´s book on the life of Jean Baptiste Charbonneau. Mountain Press Publishing Company; 124 pages. $10

The followingt are good places in Idaho to see Lemhi artifacts and related material

Sacajawea Interpretive Cultural and Education Center, Salmon

Lemhi County Historical Museum, Salmon

Shoshoni-Bannock Tribal Museum, Fort Hall

Idaho State Historical Museum, Boise

Lemhi Valley Indian Reservation

Photo: Lemhi Valley Indian Reservation

A Sampling of Lemhi Words

Food: dikup

Eat: tuku

Water: paw

Rain: pawabee

Money: napius

Thank you: oose-uh

Home: gahne

Man: dannuup

Old woman: hebetso

Young woman: waipe-uh

Day: dabaiy-uh

Night: du-ugahne

White person: dybo

Mother: biaa

Father: aape-uh

Cat: geedi

Dog: saabe-uh

Bad: gezhande

Good: tsaande

Related Links

Related Links

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